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Silver Plume Oil

highly refined CBD

Silver Plume® is the most highly refined natural broad-spectrum CBD oil that exists on the market. Its profile contains up to 90% total cannabinoids with ZERO THC adulterant.

Perfect for cosmetic applications

The unparalleled cannabinoid potency and terpene rich fragrance makes Silver Plume® the premier choice for cosmetic applications. It would appear from our early clinical data that the presence of these cannabinoids and terpenes, albeit in small amounts, provides an additional benefit over CBD alone in the efficacy of cosmetic formulations. Additionally, Kazmira is prepared to meet the new cosmetic requirements coming from the FDA in 2025.

Hemp Extract

all-natural, Hemp Derived

Silver Plume® is an all-natural extract derived from hemp, meaning there are no diluents or additives, EVER. It is manufactured under 21 CFR Part 111 cGMP conditions, allowing us to offer unparalleled consistency and reliability for CBD brands.


Total Cannabinoids

Highly refined hemp compounds (fats, triglycerides, oils)

Up to 2.5% hemp derived flavonoids and terpenes

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Kazmira manufactures medical grade hemp derived cannabinoid ingredients. We enable brands to offer safer, higher performing, and innovative cannabinoid-based dietary supplement products with a focus on clinical outcomes.


Premier cannabinoid education for brand owners and industry professionals.


Premier cannabinoid education for brand owners and industry professionals.

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