JUNE 8, 2021

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Kazmira Joins ValidCare Clinical Safety Study for CBD Products

Kazmira and other CBD brands will assess CBD safety profiles with end-consumers

Kazmira, a technology based cannabinoid ingredient manufacturer, is partnering with ValidCare to participate in a large clinical safety study for CBD products. Kazmira joins the second cohort of brands participating in the study, following up the results from cohort one. Kazmira and other hemp-derived CBD brands will provide consumer end products and funding for the trial, which will result in robust clinical data on liver and other safety metrics.

The purpose of this decentralized trial is to gather clinical safety data for the FDA. Working together with a network of major CBD brands, Validcare created the largest clinical study of CBD products to date, investigating liver safety in long term use of CBD. Data gathered from 839 participants taking oral CBD products in cohort one showed no signs of liver toxicity. The purpose of cohort two is to augment the data to support preliminary findings and collect statistically relevant feedback on secondary safety measures. The results will then be published in peer-reviewed journals later in 2021.

Validcare provides patient-centered research solutions to transform the delivery of life sciences and nutraceutical products. This clinical trial puts consumers at the center, and provides a strong response to the FDA’s call for additional safety data on hemp derived CBD products.

“Kazmira is honored to be a part of this large scale human safety study. We believe that clinical research in the CBD industry will not only validate safety for regulators and consumers, but it will also be key for brands in establishing consumer trust.” says Kazmira’s co-CEO and co-founder Mr. Pulak Sharma. 

These clinical trials are investigating safety for not only end products, but for the ingredient itself. As a cannabinoid ingredient manufacturer, Kazmira is excited for the opportunity to conduct clinical testing on their CBD extract Imperial™ Oil. “Kazmira is the first cGMP compliant manufacturer to participate in the study, and therefore we have a unique opportunity for Imperial™ Oil to be the first wholesale ingredient to go through clinical testing.”

To sign up as a study participant or to learn more about this unique opportunity, CLICK HERE. If you are selected, you will receive an email from ValidCare with a link to the ValidCare Study app and additional details needed for participation.

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