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ONE HEMP: Legislate CBD as a Dietary Supplement Through Congress

(Watkins, CO  –  September 19th, 2023) – In a momentous collaboration, industry leaders including Kazmira have united as one voice to provide a collective response to Congress’ Request for Information (RFI) regarding the regulation of hemp-derived CBD products. This coalition, known as ONE HEMP, collaborated together to propose a comprehensive and pragmatic solution that aims to reshape the landscape of hemp-derived products. This joint effort signifies a pivotal juncture for the CBD sector and invites industry players to join this coalition.

United by a shared commitment to safeguarding public health and ensuring consumer safety, ONE HEMP has combined their expertise to submit a unified response to the RFI through Dentons US LLP. The group is actively navigating established procedural channels to achieve an outcome that addresses the needs of all stakeholders within the CBD industry, all while being backed by scientific evidence.

Dr. Priyanka Sharma, co-CEO of Kazmira and founding member of ONE HEMP commented, “ONE HEMP’s Proposed Policy Solution is an authentic response to Congress to regulate non intoxicating Hemp-Derived Products as dietary supplements under the FD&C Act. The proposal includes two specific risk management tools tailored for the hemp industry to address FDA concerns: 1) the ability to implement age restrictions (18 and over) for certain Hemp-Derived Products; and 2) the authority to mandate clear warning labels and product information for Low-Dose Hemp-Derived Products containing minimal THC and cannabinoids. This is based on scientific research indicating that these products are generally well-tolerated for consumption by healthy adults.”

Through the synergistic efforts of ONE HEMP, we firmly believe that our proposal provides a sensible answer that aligns with the current state of the market. ONE HEMP not only presents an authentic response for reasonable regulation but also cultivates a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of toxicology and safety data among diverse hemp stakeholders. All responsible players in the hemp-derived product industry are invited to join ONE HEMP in spearheading this crucial dialogue.


ONE HEMP’s core mission is crystal clear: To advance CBD as a dietary supplement through bipartisan legislation. With an unwavering commitment to science and consumer safety, ONE HEMP is an industry coalition comprised of respected voices and CBD market leaders whose concerted efforts are all aimed at equipping Congress and the FDA with the knowledge and support required to pass sensible guidelines for a standardized CBD industry. The group has enlisted some of the world’s foremost cannabinoid researchers and toxicologists, ensuring that their approach is firmly rooted in robust scientific research and a deep understanding of CBD’s safety profile. ONE HEMP aims to set industry benchmarks, nurturing trust and innovation in the CBD sector.


Industry leaders that have joined ONE HEMP include — among others — Charlotte’s Web, Kazmira, OBX (alphabetical order). Taken together these leaders represent the largest providers of CBD products.

For more information or to join ONE HEMP, please contact Josh Glasstetter at press@onehemp.org or 1-202-905-2921.


Kazmira’s mission is to use a science-based approach to improve life through self-care, cannabinoid-based, dietary supplement products. As an industry leading manufacturer of premium hemp derived cannabinoid ingredients, we enable brands to offer safer, higher performing, and innovative products with a focus on clinical outcomes. Kazmira is invested in the future of the cannabinoid industry with a passion for partnerships, R&D and cannabinoid policy. In addition to our wholesale, THC-free cannabinoid extracts, we offer a range of finished & custom end products. From the farm to the finished product, our oversight and quality assessment ensures the finest quality cannabinoid extracts on the market.


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