CBD Isolate Max™ Joins Imperial™ Oil With New Kosher Certification!

Whole kosher Services LogoKazmira’s Imperial™ CBD Oil and CBD Isolate Max™ are now Kosher Certified!

We are extremely proud to announce that Whole Kosher Services (KWS) has deemed Kazmira’s Imperial™ THC-Free CBD Oil and CBD Isolate Max™ as kosher and pareve certified.

Kosher certifications are awarded by kosher certification agencies such as KWS when the ingredients and preparation process meet kosher laws. Certified Pareve communicates to consumers that the product is free of dairy and meat. According to the Orthodox Union (O.U.), 80% of all kosher sales are outside of the traditional Jewish market.

This allows our customers to expand their CBD product lines and offer a product that meets the growing consumer demand for Kosher products. Kosher certifications are associated with vegetarianism, food safety, health, and those with food allergies as a signal that there has been no contamination in the handling or processing of the food product.

KZ Kosher Cert 2023-2024