Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment License

First to obtain CDPHE license as a food manufacturer using CBD

Our commitment to purity and high operational standards allowed us to be part of the first batch of Colorado manufacturers and wholesalers in the state to obtain a license from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) as a food manufacturer using CBD.

You can view the entire list of Food Approved Manufacturers directly on Colorado.Gov by clicking here.

The awarding of this license has made waves in the Cannabis community as it provides further credibility to our claim as the  “only THC-Free broad spectrum CBD oil and high purity CBD isolate Max™ manufacturer and wholesaler in the world”. Every other CBD Oil is merely a combination of CBD Isolate + Hempseed Oil + repurposed Terpenes.

This is incredible news for our customers as well as the end-users of our products because it allows for increased transparency in the emerging Cannabis market. It also reinvigorates our commitment to quality and high-operational standards. We believe this commitment will increase consumer confidence in this heated political cannabis climate and allow us to create more tailored solutions for end-user Cannabis needs.